Green Day

Okay, whew, Bunko has been hosted. I know you guys were pretty concerned, as you should have been, considering I almost let a grasshopper pie (NOT PICTURED) (I FORGOT TO SERVE IT) give me a nervous breakdown. But in the end I overcame the incredible adversity of having a few people over and serving them food, and here it is:

White chocolate Frito popcorn, although mine is really green chocolate because I had a St. Paddy's theme and am a nerd.

Green candy nest. That crazy lady you saw picking all the green Swedish fish out of the bin at Central Market was me.

Emerald eggs, although I subbed spinach for the watercress and yogurt for the mayonnaise and added mustard. And cheese. And crumbled up crackers (sigh, don't ask).

Irish nachos. They are neither.
People pretty much only ate popcorn and chips, so I'm seriously considering an all-popcorn spread next year. I'm serious, guys. I'm just crazy enough to do it.

Alright, we're headed off to my ancestral home the house my parents built four years ago, and it looks like someone is already packed and ready to go. Catch you next week!