Everyone who has touched us recently should regret that decision now

I based this meal on penne primavera, but you may notice that it's not actually penne (because I didn't have any) and I left out the mushrooms (because they're gross). And doubled the squash. And went with orange tomatoes. It's just pasta with vegetables in it, is what I'm saying.

Still looks vera prima to me (WHAT IT'S BEEN LIKE TWO MONTHS).

And because it's spring now, we should all be eating asparagus. Right, guys? It's the springiest!

Both of these are Runner's World recipes, which at the time of planning was not intended to be ironic, but here we are.

How's it going, Ivy? Not developing any freakish Popeye forearms, I hope?

Yikes, Anna. That left eye looks pretty goopy. Maybe don't touch anybody today.


 Oh, hey. Well. Um, happy birthday, Cash!

Birthdays are a fun time for extra bathing.