I was not specific as to the quality of the puns

Left to his own devices in the kitchen, Dan will produce delicious breakfasty things almost every time. I wouldn't say it's my primary reason for staying married to him, but I don't not take it into consideration.

Sourdough French toast gets you to a 10th anniversary, easy.
That was a nice sweet way to start our weekend, so why not keep the party going? Cake seems like a good idea! This thing is one crazy slab of molasses and I like it. What? It's not like I didn't have a reason to bake a cake.

Wanting there to be a cake in the fridge is a reason.
Um...at least the pizza is on whole wheat crust?

And there's broccoli on it! It's almost a salad.
Here's an exciting behind-the-scenes peek at the process for you guys. We learn two things in this photograph, 1) I've recently come to prefer the flavor of Oaxacan melting cheese in recipes that call for mozzarella and 2) I eat pretzels while preparing pizza.

That's because having diabetes taught me NOTHING. High five, Paula!
I find that Anna's mood is more positive when we make sure she has plenty of physical activity, such as her daily balletsketball drills, pictured here.

You should see her pliƩ-ups. (I TOLD YOU.)
I worry though that Ivy is right there, picking up the attitude slack.

Or just expressing concern at her January sleevelessness.