See? She smiles sometimes.

I returned to my already-beloved Homesick Texan cookbook to further counteract some of early January's nutritionally responsible leanings. Really, though, this JalapeƱo Mustard Roasted Chicken with cabbage and radish slaw doesn't rate too high on the Sin Meter.

It did set off the Awesome Chicken alarm, though.
This left me with an inordinate amount of cabbage, so the next night I improvised a chopped salad. I grouped the ingredients like a restaurant would because, while less practical and actually a little bit annoying to eat, it looks a lot better than a fully integrated pile of bits.

Dan is used to sacrificing for my art by now.
Lest you think I've abandoned my dietary Jiminy Cricket, though, I did make a stack of these quinoa patties for breakfast and snacking.

You can top them with, uh, anything you like.
The holidays may be over, but that doesn't mean Anna can't still help me with some baking from time to time.

She's just taking a moment to reflect on how much fun she's having.
She also wanted everyone to know that she can color-code and line things up even in her sleep zombie-esque state of reanimation.

I'm guessing no one will be surprised when we eventually recover a tidy line of brains in her closet.

So this is cute, right? Anna calls it her "astronaut" hat.

I call it her "please don't alert CPS, I promise this was well-supervised" hat.