2011 Wrap Up

Here is a sampling of the tortillas/flatbreads I ate in 2011:

Tuna and cabbage salad in wheat flatbread, pulled pork tacos, potato tacos, hot veggie wrap, egg and veggie tacos, braised pork and tomatillo salsa tacos, zucchini and red pepper enchilada....stack, barbecued lentil tacos, enchiladas suizas, soooooo much Tacodeli, chicken gyros, quesadillas stuffed with greens and feta, spinach enchiladas with chili gravy, pork tacos again, the INFAMOUS turkey burritos from Prevention Magazine, the follow-up edible veggie burritos by me.

Haha, GET IT? 2012 is the year of the pun, suckers! Get on board!

Anyway, yesterday was the start of a whole new year (observed), so obviously I had a garden wrap at Galaxy Cafe and then made these chickpea wraps from my new Heidi Swanson cookbook:

Heidi Swanson make me want to throw out everything in my pantry except dried beans and brown rice and ancient grains (as in "Quinoa" not as in "This bread is getting moldy").
Anna was immediately ready to attack some New Year's resolutions, starting with clearing out the garden.

Battle mode.