Sorry about how I sucked at everything this year

So, I have been seriously off my game lately, everyone. Things keep breaking and the house keeps getting dirtier and I started out with this new baby all, "It's not so bad! Second babies FTW!" and then remembered that lack of sleep has a CUMULATIVE EFFECT, OH LORD HELP ME AM I TIRED. Which means I did a terrible job at 1) The Holidays and 2) documenting The Holidays.

For example, there were tamales. There were cinnamon rolls. There were delicious yeast waffles with champagne. My parents made something that they were calling "bread pudding" that was actually a bowl of butter so concentrated as to be scientifically improbable. Yet there are no pictures of these things.

I also failed to point out that Anna is still only interested in dog toys.

Or that the monkey brains exacted their revenge at long last.

Anyway, Anna has definitely noticed and is trying to pick up my slack. She put her foraging hat on and everything.

Hedgeapple stew, a seasonal favorite!