This family needs to come up with some different nighttime activities

I don't know why I've never posted about this pork tenderloin with olive mustard tapenade before, since it's a go-to recipe for me. I also don't know why I dumped it on top of a bunch of salad greens. I DO know why I added some fingerling potatoes, and that is because potatoes make salad awesome.

Okay, this is clearly one of the grosser-looking things I've ever put together. But olives taste good.
I wouldn't say this game of Naked Toddler Hides Under A Chair To Avoid Diapering was fun exactly, but it was a big improvement over the previous round of Naked Toddler Hides Under A Chair To Avoid Diapering While Wailing Like A Banshee.

Also the subsequent game of Screaming Toddler Seems To Think That Going To Bed Involves Waterboarding Or Something.
Anyway. Here are some Christmas card outtakes for you.

Note: every single picture is an outtake.

Extra note: if you're expecting a card from us and don't get one it's just because I didn't actually bother putting them together because these might actually be the two best pictures.
And some behind-the-scenes antics.

I guess if I were going to plug my baby into something it would probably be via her ear...not much to critique here.