And then eggs saved my sanity. Again.

Feel those cool autumn breezes? (High of 93 today! Don't, uh...don't look at the forecast for the next few days. SUMMER IS OVER, THE CALENDAR SAYS SO.) Anyway, I think they have snapped me out of my Prevention-magazine-spproved-neutral-flavored-food-paste trance. I realized that I am still facing eight weeks of pregnancy, which translates to over 50 meals (What? How do you mark the passage of time?), and something had to be done.

Step 1: Eggs for dinner. How could I not have thought of this before? I must've been in quite a state of shock to forget that putting an egg on it fixes everything.

Also: salt.
Step 2: Potatoes in a salad.

Like a regular salad, but more tuber-y.
Step 3: Any form of chili.

Sorry purists, if it's a stew with chili powder in it I'm going to approve.
So maybe I'm starting to have a handle on things and won't be reduced to slowly going crazy until I am just eating the actual pages of the Prevention cookbook because it doesn't make any difference in terms of flavor. Especially good since it's an electronic copy.

Hey, looks like those autumn breezes have had a similarly invigorating effect on Anna!

Her games of Blanket Pile have gotten a lot more lively.

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