See if you can tell that World War Z is on my nightstand

So, of chicken tenders with sweet bean dipping sauce and steamed broccoli, which element would you guess the two-year-old would go for?

(Review: NEEDS SALT. And ice cream.)

Haha, suckers!

If I can get her to do this with cauliflower, she's totally going as a zombie this Halloween.
I finally ventured away from Prevention magazine and their hatred of taste buds to see if I could manage my own balanced meal. Look how pretty this vegetable tian is!

Unfortunately, I think obsessively stable blood sugar is having a negative effect on my cooking ability, because these veggies were both undercooked and underseasoned. It's like Prevention has gotten into my head and zombie-chomped the part of my brain that believes in food having flavor.

On Sunday Anna had her very first trip to the zoo. She spends a lot of time talking about animals, so we were pretty sure it was going to be a hit. I mean, what are the chances that she would react to this fun-for-all-toddlers-everywhere experience with the same skepticism that she has reacted to every other fun event in her life so far? Pretty low, I bet!

I think the reptile house was her favorite.

But posing on the elephant was a close second. Don't know if I can fit in a zombie joke here, I'm guessing they don't have this capacity for bored annoyance.
Anyway, another exciting childhood rite of passage endured! Good job, everyone!

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  1. If she does attack cauliflower like that, you *may* have congenital vegetarian on your hands. It's a recessive trait. Alasen's 1st cauliflower came in a Normandy blend at ~3 yrs. When she gave me this shocked look, pulled it out, & asked "WHAT is this?", being a sane parent I apologized & promised to not feed her styrofoam again.

    "No! Next time can I have JUST this?"

    Um, sure. So I got her some w/ a cheese sauce. Nope. She liked it fine but still asked if she could have it plain next time...

    But hey, the tian sure is pretty! =)