Goodbye, ice cream. I think I'll miss you most of all.

Hey, terrible news! I mean, only for me. Not for you. Unless you enjoy looking at pictures of food that tastes good, then it's also terrible news for you. It seems I have a sliiiiiiiiiiiiiight case of gestational diabetes. It's approximately as sucky as it sounds. The specialist told me that it's a hormonal issue and it isn't my fault, but I think you and I and the empty spot in my freezer where a bag of brownies used to be know that she was just being nice. SUGAR IS DEATH YOU GUYS, FOR REAL. Anyway, in the interest of not having a 12 pound diabetic baby, I bought a brand new cookbook and I'm ready to roll, controlled-blood-sugar-style.

I figured that since Prevention Magazine was the institution responsible for convincing me that even looking at can of tomatoes would mutate every cell in my body, they could probably handle keeping me on the straight and narrow for the next ten weeks. Here are some boring things that I have eaten in the past week.

Spinach salad with almond-encrusted chicken.

Roasted vegetable sandwiches with green split pea soup.

Chicken and asparagus stir fry.
I guess this shouldn't surprise me, but Prevention seems to have some sort of policy against "seasoning food at all," so in the future I'm probably going to have to do some slight tweaking. For now though, it's definitely helping me control my portion size by excluding flavor.

In the meantime, Anna continues to hate and fear bouncy castles.

I also get the feeling that she sort of misses me making beets every week.


  1. Bummer - hope the GD stuff shakes off after the baby comes.

  2. Sorry for the suckage. GD is no fun--I flunked my one hour test by a lot when I was pregnant so my OB assumed I had it for two weeks.

    At the very least, enjoy experimenting with healthy recipes!