Only 4,216,967 days to go

Prevention Magazine presents Cooking with Cardboard: Day 1,473. Wait, I meant 7. Day 7. Let's see what Prevention can do with the concept of "burritos."

Oh, terrible cardboardy things. Cool.
This salmon with white beans and citrus was actually the best thing so far, probably because it wasn't attempting to be anything other than a pile of health. I guess the lesson is that I should stay away from "burritos" and "burgers" and "pizzas" in the diabetic category.

I totally won't though. I could really go for a "burger" right now.
There are exciting things afoot around here, though. We finished Anna's big girl room, complete with escapable big girl bed. Let's see, she's been quiet in there for a while, maybe we should just sneak a peek...

Naptime: a portrait.
It's also World Series of Poker season on ESPN 2, which Dan and I completely seriously watch every week, so we've been trying to interest Anna in the game. So far she seems pretty focused on chip flair.

Most exciting of all, it's currently 86 degrees in the middle of the afternoon. Time for a warm and cozy duck suit!

Gotta keep those autumn winds at bay.

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