Joy and sorrow (dietary division)

Listen, I'm going to go ahead and spoil this NYT article Is Sugar Toxic? for you: "Yes, and you don't even want to know what your liver probably looks like." It's Adam's fault that I read the entire miserable thing, but I was probably bound to come across it eventually with all the food blogs I read. Anyway, this is clearly unfortunate news for all humans who enjoy happiness, but I feel it's especially disheartening for me because I'm currently in the throes of a fairly nauseating first trimester of pregnancy and absolutely all I want to eat is expletive-ing sugar. I know I'm jumping the gun on Officially Sanctioned Public Announcement Time by a couple of weeks, but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to discuss food at all outside the context of how much it makes me want to throw up. So that's doubly good news for you, Blog Reader! You get to find out this joyous news early AND read about where I rank my meals on a vomit-based scale. The miracle of life!

I've actually eaten very virtuously this whole week, but only because I'm keeping a food chart for my midwife and I don't want it to be filled with entries like "...and then I spent 20 minutes putting maple syrup on everything I could think of." Anyway, you can imagine how excited my vegetable-hating stomach was about a swiss chard/kale one-two punch on Tuesday and Wednesday. First up was this Swiss Chard Torta. I spent about three hours before dinner thinking about how much I didn't want to eat this, but in the end it was really just a big slice of cheese and olives and went down pretty easy.

Nauseating in theory: 8. In practice: 3.
Next was my old frenemy, the perversely beloved kale. I went with a Chicken Stew with Kale and Cannellini Beans, which was a very good call because the miraculous healing power of potatoes completely overwhelmed my horror of green things.

Nauseating in theory: 5. In practice: 0.
Thank you, potatoes! You are a lifesaver. If Adam sends me anything about how unhealthy you are, I promise I will just block him!

Anna knows what I'm talking about.


  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Woo hoo! Exciting! You do a great job with healthy eating, I'm sure your midwife is impressed. Also, that sugar article was horribly depressing. I shouldn't have read it when I'm currently going through allergy testing for Anna and afraid of all food anyway. I wish you were here to cook us kale.

  2. Thanks! That's actually why I "maybe"-d you for The Blathering, I'm going to be EXCESSIVELY pregnant in October. As far as kale goes, just bury it under some potatoes and it's all good.