Salad, cupcakes, and canine disappointment

We mostly eat salad now, due to the fact that our last CSA box was comprised entirely of leaves. I try to put things on top of the leaves, such as grilled salmon and pineapple.

Sometimes I put something next to the leaf-bowl, like these Black Beans and Quinoa with Chipotle Raspberry Sauce. Pretty good, as far as leaf-accompaniers go.

No ice cream yet. Working out the kinks.

Saturday was Cash's first birthday party! Do we go to birthday parties every weekend now? (Checks.) Yes. But this one was extra special because Anna and Cash are super good rasslin' and rock-sittin' buddies.

They always seem to have a little trepidation embarking on that second year.
There was a giant cupcake, which by itself ensures the success of any party, even if there hadn't ALSO been many delicious satellite cupcakes surrounding it.

The cupcake-centered system is a happy place.
As if that weren't enough, there were also PUPPIES, a fact that I was 110% certain would cause the shrieking delight of my child. Haha, I should have learned by now her only delight in life is proving me wrong. I wouldn't say the puppies were upsetting, but she was definitely displaying signs of deep annoyance.

She seriously spent about 15 irritated minutes trying to ditch this adorable Coppertone-simulating creature.
Once we got home and she settled into Fashion Time, her spirits improved.

Maybe letting her watch True Grit was a mistake.

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  1. Too bad my Anna wasn't there to save your Anna from the dogs. I wish I had some black beans and quinoa right now. But I'm not sure how I feel about adding raspberry to it. I thought I was adventurous but now I'm questioning myself.