It's not about food, except it kind of is

Well, our camera appears to be deceased, or is at least temporarily out of commission, which means: no food pictures this week, only a few grainy phone camera pictures of Anna. Just know that I made some pretty decent enchiladas at one point. Food is kind of gross right now anyway, right guys? Yeah! Who's with me?

So instead, here we are once again exploring the opposite of food: fashion.

This look is a little bit "street," and I'm kind of into it.
Okay, some food did sneak in, probably because any given picture taken at our house has about a 50% chance of involving eating. She decided to liven up snack time a little bit by pretending to be laundry.

This particular pile of laundry was only interested in picking out the cheese.
She's also pretty much mastered the concept of "restaurant kid's meal."
She no longer fears sandwiches that are 75% larger than her head. Congratulations, you're ready for an American diet!
Of course, it's important to understand where her food comes from, so she's been helping out her YaYa and PaPa with their garden.
She has chosen to specialize in irrigation science.

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