Next up: tiny adorable cowboy hat

We were recently notified by the Texas Department of Cultural Milestones that Anna was in danger of losing her Texas citizenship if we didn't immediately comply with Article II, Section 7: Mandatory Photograph Amongst Bluebonnets. I think we got in right under the wire with this wildflower season, and we had to travel north to do it since it hasn't rained in Austin since January, but this one is for the authorities:

I believe this expression is her attempt at civil disobedience.

We also put her in a pretty pretty Easter dress! Fortunately, she didn't let that interfere with her duties as groundskeeper.

Or game warden.

When we got back home I realized that now that my pregnancy isn't a secret I can start making recipes from my Well-Rounded Pregnancy Cookbook without lying about where they came from. Seriously, these are the types of situations that I actually spend my waking hours contemplating. It's complex, my interior existence. Anyhow, here's some Proven├žal Carrot Salad to go along with baked tilapia on ciabatta.

And here's some Stir-Fried Vegetables with Coconut Curry Sauce over brown rice.
Tastes like pregnant-lady food. Sorry, rest of my family.


  1. Dude, you have to endure PREGNANCY and all they have to endure is eating preggie-like food? That you cooked? That's nothin'.

  2. You talk a good game, but there's not really any "enduring" when eating your cooking, babe.