If someone can make arugula palatable to me right now I will give them $5

I feel like I'm really starting to get the hang of this whole "render vegetables unrecognizable so they don't make me gag" thing. For instance, you would never guess that I stuffed a whole bunch of spinach into these enchiladas. Faced with shredded chicken, homemade tortillas, a grotesque amount of cheese, and Homesick Texan's Chili Gravy, the poor greens had no choice but to surrender.

They did their vitaminy best.
More obvious is my new "make a pizza and then dump some greens all over it" technique. This was, again, actually someone else's idea, although I used Swiss chard instead of kale.

Anna is going to grow up with a really weird concept of what pizza is.
Yesterday I managed to disappear an entire bag of turnips and their greens into a bowl of pasta. If I can somehow work this bok choy into a batch of fried chicken or something I'll truly feel that I have defeated the CSA box and all that it stands for.

Friday night we took a break from vegetables and health entirely and made a trip to TerraBurger. Check out how teensy and cute my slider is:

For wee little carnivores.
Anna spent most of the time playing in the splash pad. My lovely daughter, who will not rest until every surface of our home is covered in either chalk or peanut butter, was staunchly determined to clean all of the leaves out of the grate.

Her tidiness is  Ivy League-level selective.
Incidentally, if you were ever wondering whether Anna considers you a stranger, try saying something friendly to her and see if she immediately makes this face:

Answer: yes, she considers you a stranger and now she's going to cry for the next fifteen minutes, you monster.

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