And that's why I think everyone should wear maternity pants on vacation

Presented with very little commentary, three days of eating in Seattle:

Fresh fruit coffee cake, Macrina Bakery. A fine introduction to the city.

Chanterelle mushroom and truffle cheese pizza, Serious Pie. This may have been my favorite meal, and it was largely comprised of mushrooms. That's how weepingly good this pizza is.

Asparagus soup and crab bisque, Local 360. The soup was like liquid asparagus, in a good way. The bisque made me think that maybe I don't really understand what bisque is. Should it taste like there's sand in it?

Tete de cochon, rhubarb, brioche, sunny up egg, Local 360. One of those phrases means "pig's head." In case you were worried this didn't look fatty enough.

Selection of cheeses, Local 360. Had I been able to see two days into the future, we might have skipped this one.

Lemon meringue pie with roasted strawberries, Six Seven. This was the restaurant downstairs at our hotel, so between that and the water view it's sort of amazing that we ever left the building.

Apple fritter, Top Pot Doughnuts. This is the picture of morning perfection. Also, I just noticed that they have nutritional info on their website, so I have to go close that window now.

Herbacious omelette, hash browns, toast, 5 Spot. This was aaaaalmost good enough to distract me from the restaurant's tornado theme (Wizard of Oz bathroom included).

Tart cherry and cream cheese french toast, 5 Spot. This was one of the only times that Dan and I ordered two different things instead of just sharing something, and I think he may have won.

Grilled crostoni with salami and pear, Macrina Bakery. That's not a typo, it's like a crostini, but bigger: the more you know!

Steamed dungeness crab, Etta's. I'm never going to understand how this stuff is worth the work involved to extract it, but I did enjoy the bibs.

Baby spinach salad with sesame dressing, Etta's. The picture itself is pretty worthless, but I wanted to prove that we did eat a few bites of green vegetables at one point.

Fish fry with ling cod, Etta's. The breading on that fish was so light it almost melted. Not sure how they did that.

Pacific northwest seafood bouillabiasse, Etta's. I didn't try this, but Dan assures me it Pacificnorthwestseafood-tastic.

Triple coconut cream pie, Etta's. Single and double coconut cream pies forever ruined.
Okay, Day 3 is where things just get stupid, nutritionally speaking. Brace yourself.

Marionberry pancakes, Six Seven. See that little pile of fruit over there? This is going to be our most responsible choice for many, many hours.


This represents .03% of the free cheese I ate that day.

Peanut butter and chocolate mini cheesecake, shot of drinking chocolate, The Confectional. I know it wouldn't occur to most people to wash down 48 lbs of cheese with cheesecake, and that's why I'm here. Notice the very healthy apple! (Just a prop.)

Fromage blanc grilled cheese sandwich, Seattle Cheese Festival. Was it really necessary to eat more cheese at this (not even noon yet) point? Possibly not, but come on, it WON A CONTEST. Who are we to ignore such accolades?
We did pull it together enough to make a responsible selection for our airplane dinner.

Verdure vegetable sandwich, Macrina Bakery.
Chocolate chip cookie, Macrina Bakery.


  1. Your post's title made me laugh out loud...that's so true! Is it wrong that I think maternity clothes are the best part of being pregnant? (Well...besides the whole - creating new life and all.)

    All of that food looked delicious! I need to remember to eat before reading your blog...otherwise all of my food choices here look dismal. :)

    p.s. your sunglasses are super cute.