I don't have to cook for the next five days wheeeeee

For the past couple of days I've been playing a game called "we're going out of town so I have to cook everything in the fridge real quick." It's super fun and mostly involves not caring very much about what dinner tastes like.

First up: Stew With About Eight Vegetables and Some Shredded Chicken That Was In The Freezer.

Part of the game is not working very hard at naming things. This tasted like broth.
Then: Broccoli and New Potatoes Over Couscous With Some Cheese Sauce I Made Up.

I enjoyed this one, due to the involvement of cheese.
There are still some beets in the refrigerator, and I've made my peace with that. Either they're still good next week or they'll add a nice crime-scene-looking element to the compost pile.

Last night we went to Amy's so that Anna could further commune with her silent bovine friends.

She's basically like Dr. Doolittle with a concentration in cow statues.

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