The CSA box is dead! Long live the CSA box!

Okay, I did let the CSA membership lapse because, come on, I was drowning in beets and kale. But then something weird happened in my brain--second trimester energy rush?--and before the last bunch of chard had even started to wilt I had signed up at Greenling. In my defense, there are some differences--they deliver to the house and I can decide what to put in the order. But one of the options is to get a "Local Box," and the first one is 50% off and I couldn't resist and yeah it's full of beets and kale.

Meet the new box/ Same as the old box
I feel like Baby Two is just asserting its need for vitamins or something. I believe it's also serving as a good luck charm at Bunko, so I'm inclined to let it have what it wants. Anyway, I started off with the easiest box contents--summer squash and wax beans, with some grilled chicken.

Dan's assessment of wax beans: "These green beans aren't very good."
I decided to get as close to kale ice cream as I dared by making this green smoothie.

It was significantly less melodramatic than the last time I had kale for breakfast.
Much like green smoothies, sweet potato quesadillas are almost like not eating vegetables at all.

See how the tortilla is green? That makes it healthy.
Anna's been trying to spend lots of quality time in the backyard before the heat gets too unbearable.

"There are twelve giant pieces of chalk hidden in the yard and garden and you'll never find them. I also fed one to the cat."
Yesterday, Kay came over bearing many, many gifts. Anna was so excited!

About the tissue paper they were wrapped in!

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  1. Dude. You made a kale smoothie! You should have put beets in it.