The week I didn't want cheese

Monday seemed like a good time for a little vacation-recovery initiative in the form of an avocado and black bean salad.

Hey vegetables, I actually missed you a little bit. Hugs!
Like most health initiatives, it was almost immediately derailed. This one was Dan's fault.

I know I don't need to explain to you that birthday cupcakes don't have any calories.
Okay, quick, back on track! See that colorful little pile? It's the very last bit of CSA vegetables. No surprise that the stragglers were beets. Slight surprise that they were yellow and pink. I covered them with tahini sauce and made some chicken gyros.

Unfortunately, the yellow and pink ones also taste very much like beets.
After that I figured it was time to stretch my non-traditional-pizza muscles. How about something with no tomatoes or cheese? With...I dunno...cashews?

Seriously, when first confronted with a slice of pepperoni at age five, Anna will be baffled.
Yesterday we celebrated the very rare rain shower by going to the splash pad. (Don't question it, it's like Blanche DuBois taking hot baths to battle the heat, it just works.) Actually, this was part of a birthday party.

We were a little bit late.

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