Mothers and pizzas

Here we are at last, CSA box #10 and time to let the membership lapse for a while. Of course, since I had already decided that I was tired of dealing with it, this last box was designed specifically to make me change my mind. It's filled with things like squash and new potatoes and basil and onions and carrots, things that my stomach recognizes as food without coaxing. I don't even need recipes. POTATOES!

Nice try, CSA box, but you accidentally left some beets in there too.
This weekend we headed to Boerne to spend Mother's Day with Dan's parents. Our first stop was the Cibolo Nature Center, since Anna usually loves being outdoors so much. Hey Anna, how's that nature treating you?

This is the daintiest she has ever looked in her life.
We worked it out, though.

She just needed a little room to strut.
After that it was time for Grandma and Grandpa's house.

No reason to include a picture of her eating yogurt except that I personally enjoy her breakfasting hat.
Pretty much the only thing I wanted for Mother's Day was a babysitter and a glass of scotch some pizza, and looky here!

Oh, pesto. You oily green magnificent bastard.

Ladies, if you don't have a husband who makes pizza like this, I highly recommend you trade him out for one who does.
The rest of the afternoon was very pleasant. Anna got to spend some time hanging out with Bruce the dog.

"This ear you have here is seriously amazing."
Also, stealing Aunt Tiffany's style.

I might eventually just have one giant sunglass shade custom made to cover her entire face.

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