I kind of want to go back on July 4th just to see what happens

I'm not sure how to feel about the fact that this is not the first time I've had roasted beet sandwiches for dinner. How did my life get to such a place? It probably won't be the last, either, since "put it in a sandwich" is my go-to technique for foods about which I am ambivalent and I can't stop ordering "local boxes" and they can't stop including beets. It's just the way things are going to be. At least this one was on some nice oatmeal bread.

I guess I can cross "folate deficiency" off the list of probable reasons for my demise.
Did I tell you that we're currently running a small-scale pepper farm in our backyard? Sometimes when you send your husband to buy plants for the garden without very specific instructions you end up with a packet of squash seeds and sixteen pepper plants. This will be your own fault for saying "I would like some peppers this summer" without remembering to include "but I imagine sixteen plants is in excess of what two people will want to consume."

My own spicy little tribbles.
Anyway, if you live anywhere in the vicinity of my house, please do not purchase any jalapeƱos or banana peppers this summer. Take them. Take them from me. Help.

Monday morning we met Andy at World's Most Flag-Adorned Restaurant Original Pancake House.

Just thoroughly Sousa-fied, the whole place.

We also had a very nice Memorial day lunch with the Loontjers and went to a fun party next door, but I apparently enjoyed those activities too much to photograph them so you'll have to use your imagination. Just know that I am back on the cheese-eating horse and more cheese-consumptive than ever. At the top of my cheese game, even. All lactose trembles in fear before me.

Anyone who believes that two year olds lack focus has probably never seen Anna watch a show about trains while simultaneously reading a book about trains.

And muttering "traaaaaaaaaaaaains," zombie-like, under her breath.
She has been pursing other interests as well. She likes the extremely educational marine magnets we got her at the Seattle aquarium.

Lesson #26: The Verticality of Sea Life.

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