I blame today's inactivity on excessive fresh air intake over the weekend

Okay, we're going to rush through the food section, because, ugh. The idea of seared scallops sounded entirely awful the whole day they were planned, especially paired with spinach and arugula. I think I have it in my head that I don't like scallops very much, but then I eat them and remember that I actually do. Anyway, these ended up being really delicious, so if you're looking for a cooking method for scallops I highly recommend it.

This was by far the biggest disparity between how much I hated the thought and how much I enjoyed the food since I've been tracking that sort of thing.
Unfortunately, that just makes the mature, healthy section of my brain feel vindicated for forcing my sugar-and-grease-desiring stomach to behave itself, so I guess I'm in for plenty more horrid-sounding dinners in the coming weeks.

Over the weekend I did take a little break from virtue and made molletes, which are just refried bean sandwiches. Great invention, right? Well done, Mexico. I used homemade bread and homemade refried beans, so there was a little effort, at least. Plus, a large side salad which I made a comically repulsed face all through the eating of, according to Dan.

Our weekend was pretty much jam-packed (mmm....jam...) with exciting activities. Dan's band played an early outdoor show Friday night, so all the band babies were in attendance. Anna enjoyed rocking out to Daddy's smooth bass line almost as much as she enjoyed messing with her bright orange earplugs. There was quite a bit of clapping and dancing and some impressively accurate music-festival-hippie impersonating. When she announces at age 9 that she and her friends are hitchhiking to Bonnaroo, I'm not going to be entirely surprised, is what I'm saying.

"I'm with the band."
Saturday we checked out either the Pioneer Homestead Festival or the Homestead Pioneer Festival...something along those lines, of pioneers and their homesteads...at the park near our house. There was live music, various animals, tons of demonstrations and interesting artifacts, and funnel cake which I bravely did not eat but very much enjoyed the smell of. It was the sort of thing I can happily nerd out about (old-timey bicycles!) and most small children would probably find entertaining. My own small child chose to boldly ignore all of the offerings and focus on pursing her future varsity sport, "Stick and Field."


Okay, she did seem to like the butter-churning station.

Nutrition is important for the young athlete.
And you know if it's a weekend, there must be a birthday party! Our next door neighbor Parker turned 3 and we went to Kiddie Acres to help him celebrate. I know the name sounds a little bit like it belongs in one of the darker sections of Pinnochio, but it has a nice old-school carnival feel to it and there are plenty of rides for very little ones. Anna had a lot of firsts!

First merry-go-round!

First ferris wheel!

First ride sans parental support!

Okay, this was...not our first time around on the train.
It's possible that I'm so impressed by cupcakes stands just because I don't have one myself, but look how festive!

Maybe if I could get my salad greens into a tower formation they would be more appealing.

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  1. 1. Yes, god bless Mexico and their many refried bean inventions.
    2. You need to create a tower of kale and beets. You can do it.