Kids being cute. Vegetarian dishes being weird.

Friday night we met the Loontjers at the train station on our way to dinner at the Coop like the sophisticated urban adventurers that we are.

Anna whistles for the train to hurry up. Cash excitedly contemplates his new life riding the rails.
Cash's perfectionist streak became apparent when he decided that it would be more picturesque if Anna had a black eye to match his own. 

It's hard not to support an artistic vision like that. 
On Sunday we headed to Boerne, where Anna spent some quality time at the piano with her cousin Levi. She may have enjoyed that a little.

"This toy is much noisier than anything I have at home!"

Monday morning we went to the park to give Anna and Cash another opportunity to be cute together. I know it kind of looks like we said "SIT ON THAT ROCK AND BE ADORABLE or we'll let the ducks eat you," but I swear they generated this pose on their own.

If Anna were awkwardly holding some sort of hobby-indicating prop this could be her high school senior portrait.
Over the weekend I attempted the odd-sounding yet nice-tasting Eggplant and Almond Enchiladas. Dan seemed somewhat opposed to them in theory, but he ate four of them. Unusual enchilada filling wins!

Seriously, though, are enchiladas ever not good? My tortilla press and I very much doubt it.
Last night was Pasta de los Angeles from my vegan cookbook. If it were being served in an elementary school cafeteria it would be called "Mexican Spaghetti." I liked it. And covered it in cheese.

Might make more sense to flip those last two sentences.


  1. I have never seen pasta like that around these here parts.
    Very cute pics.

  2. Oooh. I found you through other Erica's blog - she's a buddy from my birth class out here in LA.
    Love all the recipes! I'm envious; I aspire to cook regularly but can only seem to get it together to make zillions of muffins and other breakfast items. I have that Mark Bittman cookbook you reference below - good stuff.

  3. I just pulled my enchiladas out of the oven.....we shall see how there are.... :)