"Shrove Tuesday" sounds like kind of a downer

Happy Fat Tuesday, ladies and gents!

As you go through your daily routine, try to remember the true point of this holiday--to literally fatten up. I, for one, added a few pieces of chocolate to my almond butter-english muffin this morning. Yeah. It's called "leading by example." So please make sure you get a decent amount of pork fat or cheese or...I guess vegans will have to make do with a big pile of avocados or something.

Am I going to observe the period of fasting and sacrifice for which Mardi Gras was intended as a preparation? No I am not. I only appropriate fun things from other groups. Lent-themed parties are a drag. Also, asceticism starts to seem like a terrible idea right around March 17th.

Sunday night's meal wasn't remotely themed or seasonal, unless you could the fact that there was unleavened bread involved (all religious food restrictions run together in my head). Chicken korma with curried cabbage and peas from Appetite for Reduction.

Also some chapati. Did I carefully roll each of these flatbreads out into a thin circle? No I did not because I have a tortilla press, suckas!

All flatbreads are tortillas in my house.
Last night's meal really didn't do justice to Lundi Gras at all. This quinoa salad with roasted beets, chickpeas, and orange was practically Lenten.

Except for that bright red Devil Root. It almost certainly enflames urges of some type.
Anyway, hope you all have a fun and bountiful holiday! 

May you have the world at your feet.

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  1. If I ever cooked anything, I think tortillas or flat breads with a tortilla press would be first on my list. Awesome.