If I can reduce her black bile, maybe she'll start napping again

Nothing very exciting on the dinner front lately, although Monday night's meal was probably a little too feisty to be Lent-appropriate.

Red foods disturb the balance of the humors. Too sanguine. Everyone knows this.
Mustard-glazed carrot soup from my Mark Bittman cookbook, homemade whole wheat bread with goat cheese, roasted red peppers, and the pickled greens that were not as disastrously canned as I feared. After all that color and flavor, I figured I should bring it back down a notch for last night's dinner just to be safe. Accomplished! Spaghetti squash with roasted Brussels sprouts and chickpeas.

I've never met a vegan recipe that I didn't want to put cheese on top of.
Meanwhile, Anna and I are keeping up our usual pace of vigorous physical exercise...

...and probing scientific inquiry.

The inquiry here is "How many times in a row can I bounce this balloon against my forehead?" and the hypothesis is "One million."

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