Quando olhos português estão sorrindo

Happy belated St. Paddy's, all! I must've really used up a lot of holiday energy on Mardi Gras last week, because I didn't even bother covering the house in tacky green stuff or drunkenly trying to do an Irish accent to the dismay of everyone within earshot. I DID, however, make some green-ass pancakes. No food coloring either, those bad boys are full of CSA spinach.

The CSA superhero is ever-vigilant, ESPECIALLY during vaguely themed holiday breakfasts.
Believe it or not, this is a face of approval:

"It is fine work you've done here, Mother."
For dinner, I obviously wanted to go with something traditionally Portuguese WAIT HEAR ME OUT. Caldo Verde, vegan version, is a POTATO soup full of GREENS. It's pretty much the most Irish thing that Portugal has ever come up with.

FINE, on June 10th I'll make a beef and Guinness pie or something.
The night before that we had poached eggs. With, I don't know, some vegetables under them.



  1. Whoa. Spinach pancakes. I bow down to you in your CSA glory.

  2. Nicole saw the picture of your green pancakes and asked me to make her some. If she eats spinach pancakes...I may need to send you some sort of compensation. (My picky toddler has decided that anything green must be poison.)
    p.s. I was kind of hoping that you might have celebrated pi day with a pie of some sort, since you love themed meals. :)