CSA box #2: voices in my head and delusions of grandeur

So here's what the box looks like when I first lug it home, a potential-filled mountain of vitamins and color. And bugs.

I have to admit that purple cauliflower is pretty cool. Look at it being all coy over there in the corner.
I know it seems appealing, all fresh and crunchy, but the second I start sorting through the different vegetables I can hear them whispering "we are deteriorating super fast, please use us up before we become mush." So instead of seeing a delightful bounty, I basically see the makings of a slimy mush-pile that only I can prevent. I'm like a fresh produce superhero, in my head.

They key is trying to tackle the most mush-vulnerable items, such as cabbage, first. Luckily, I really like cabbage, so it's also a good way to ease into things. Last night I went with crisp tuna cabbage salad on wheat flatbread and sweet potato fries. Considering the simplicity of the recipe, it was a very good salad. Kind of a cross between tuna salad and cole slaw, which sounds like it should be exceedingly gross, but it's not at all. It's nice and yogurt-y and full of black pepper. I might make it my go-to tuna salad in the future.

That 1/4 head of cabbage was saved from a horrible mush-fate by ME.
This morning was Anna's 18 month check-up. She helpfully demonstrated her wariness of strangers, knowledge of the word "no," and a bit of upper-body strength. Without prompting!

You totally can't tell that her head size is 86th percentile, right?

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