Girls-only Roadtrip

Anna and I were traveling this weekend, so I'm way behind, but people have been feeding me some really good stuff lately. On Wednesday night I had this lovely plate of vegetables (and bacon...little bit of bacon) at Kay's house. This was accompanied by the talent portion of the Miss America pageant and Oprah's interview with the cast of The Sound of Music, so basically a perfect evening.

Stuffing squash is a great idea. So is mixing bacon into broccoli salad.
Thursday night I made sort of a use-up-veggies hash with onion, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and black beans. I know it looks sort of gross and sad.

A little Dickensian, maybe.
But don't worry!
On Friday before we left town I mixed the purple cauliflower in some pasta and cheese sauce (loosely based on this recipe). You've probably never thought to put purple cauliflower in your mac n' cheese, but it's not bad at all. I think if we get more of the purple kind I'll have to go back to cauliflower soup, because...purple soup. Now I'm kinda sad I didn't do that.

While I was packing my stuff, Anna busied herself with some light reading. There were about six books on my nightstand, and this one wasn't even on top, but she knew it was the one she wanted.

Soooo many ideas.
At my parents' house there was, as always, very good food and excellent lighting in which to record it.

Cuban sandwich.

Pulled pork tacos.

Tuscan-style tilapia.
There was also a baby shower and a birthday party tucked in amongst my weekend meals, but I don't have any pictures of either. I will say that one of those events involved a Dr. Seuss theme and the other involved a piƱata full of tiny liquor bottles. Would combining the two have been even better? Perhaps, but a festive day regardless.

In the meantime, we're working on using utensils correctly.
We're not working very hard.

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  1. I was totally worried about the veggie hash until the poached egg showed up. Way to build the drama.