I also ordered her three desserts, just in case

Yesterday I said, out loud, "Now that Anna is a toddler we never have really terrible days anymore," which was obviously quite stupid, as it necessarily followed that we have a fairly terrible day today. Haha LIFE, I totally get it, you're so hilarious.

But before today's long stretch of sleep- and food- and calmness-avoidance, we had a tiny little milestone: Anna's first kid's meal at a restaurant.

Dinner, in Orange and White.
I think we jumped the gun on that by about two years, since she ate approximately 3% of her food, but it was fun anyway. And now I've had my first experience with wanting to eat my child's leftovers after she went to bed. I fear it will not be my last.

Dinner tonight was Pork Chops with Chile Colorado along with some roasted root vegetables (turnips, beets, and kohlrabi, for you CSA score-keepers).

WARNING: the following image is extremely graphic, but I wanted to prove that I took those beets down with my own two bare hands.

Beets: bringing the drama to food prep.
At least I had Anna to help out, as always.

Okay, well...

Not really.
To be fair, she was pretty busy working out some new looks.


At least she was pleased that I did not repeat past beet-eating-wardrobe mistakes.

I know this seems to belie my "terrible day" assertion, but I believe she may be considering stabbing me with that fork here.

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