Don't worry, I had some queso over the weekend

Started out pretty hardcore with this box. Like, World's Healthiest Foods hardcore. I know this looks sort of like a frittata, but whereas a frittata is easy to put together and generally delicious, this Spicy Vegetable Tart was complicated and tasted like mushrooms.

I guess because it was full of mushrooms.
Anyway, the crust is seriously made out of flax seeds and sunflower seeds. And that nice egg-looking top is actually egg whites, tofu, and turmeric. I'm telling you, we are not messing around here. CSA swiss chard: used.

Friday morning was beautiful so we went to the park.

I let her drive.
I'm thinking about redecorating her bedroom by filling it entirely with small wood chips.

I'd never have to think of ways to occupy her again.
Friday night was Carrot, Dill, & White Bean Salad. Technically this is intended as a side, but we got a lot of carrots and dill and I'm always happy to eat beans for dinner. I cut down on the honey and olive oil, and later had some leftovers with (the ever-present) barley. I will definitely make this again if it ever occurs to me.

Surprisingly inviting.

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