I found one stray piece of broccoli in the crisper today and heaved a weary sigh

Getting close to the end of Box #2 here, so things are becoming a bit desperate. (The turnip greens. They are lurking. Sometimes I can hear them at night.) Last night's dinner was a weirdly healthy mish-mash of things. It was more or less based on a recipe, but ended up being Swiss chard, beets, onion, garlic, and goat cheese on a bed of barley.

This should be terrible, right? It really wasn't. Nice save, goat cheese!
Then I made brownies.

They were also weirdly healthy, believe it or not.
This morning Anna and I had Gymboree. She tends to become very invested in the organized activity about five minutes after everyone has moved on to the next thing. For example, we were not the only ones in class today:

But the rest of them were on the other side of the room. I would maybe worry about her failure to engage, but honestly I can see the wisdom in purposeful crowd-avoidance. I'm an off-season type of traveler, myself. Also, toddlers knock each other over a lot.

She then spent a good chunk of the afternoon lining up these animal magnets in various locations.

Pretty orderly for someone who can't eat a banana without leaving pieces of it in three different rooms.
All I'll say about this is: zero points for correct snack-cup usage.

Ten points for balance.
Hey, I bought myself a new kitchen toy! It's so heavy and coooooool:

You know I like my tools smashy.
It makes these:
Corn, flat.
In a less successful cast-iron move, I proved very, very bad at cooking potatoes on a non...non-stick surface. You know. A stick one.

Aaaaargh all the flavory bits are lost.
It was okay, the potato tacos had a lot of other flavor going so they were fine. And guess what? Cabbage salsa. It is a thing.

Hope you're happy, people who were feeding me last weekend. Now I have to eat 14 vegetables per meal.

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