Naked chickpeas

I was excited about Friday night's dinner because it called for a spice I had never used before, and that's generally fun, but I couldn't find anardana anywhere. I looked at four different stores. I was kind of thinking that since we have pretty large Indian and Pakistani populations in our area it might not be too hard to track down, but I have no idea where they're all getting their dried pomegranate seeds. Of course, the comment to the recipe points out that it's available on Amazon, but come on. I'm a fairly good meal-planner, but I am not a "wait around for Super Saver Shipping" meal-planner. Anyway, here are the Spiced Chickpeas with Anardana A Squeeze of Lemon Juice. They're on a bed of CSA greens.

It was good enough that I really want to try to make them correctly someday. And not serve them on salad, because that was crazy difficult to eat.

Hmm, that was pretty healthy-looking, let's switch gears. Sunday morning I went to a brunch at Iron Cactus with my Moms Meetup group. Did you know that there's a place in the world where you can eat biscuits and gravy and migas and bacon and huevos rancheros and a chicken fajita and chips and guacamole and some MASHED POTATOES first thing in the morning and no one will say a word (to your face) about how disgusting you are? It's great!

For the record, there was a wide variety of fruits and vegetables available.

In my defense, there was orange juice in the mimosas.
And lest you think that I loaded up my plates and just picked at them, check out this Clean Plate Club action:

Also, imagine how foolish a person looks taking pictures of not one but two empty plates at a restaurant.
Seemed like a good way to work of some of my near-superhuman gluttony was to do a little yard work. Most people do yard work in 50 degree rain, I think. Anna supervised as we ripped out the giant bushes in front of our house.

Stern but fair.
When she got bored of that, we let her play with the hatchet a little bit.

You don't become a world champion without training. Amy Chua knows what I'm talking about.

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