Undoing holiday damage takes about a month of boringness

At first glance you will think that Wednesday night's dinner fell short of the current vegetables-vegetables-vegetables mandate, but what you can't see in this chicken green chili soup are the six entire Anaheim chiles nestled in there. Peppers are actually one of the trickier CSA inclusions because when I spot them I think, "Ah, I can use peppers, no problem," then they get stuck in the crisper under all the weird things I have to hustle up recipes for and then I forget about them and they end up in the compost heap. Not this time! I went for a full pepper-featuring meal.

The veggies are in there, they're just on the DL.

This was a really good soup. I would probably halve the chicken and double the beans next time, but that's just personal preference. The flavor was perfect for a chilly night, probably because roasted peppers are among the greatest things ever.

Last night's vegetables were more overt. Broccoli and napa cabbage salad with miso dressing, with a little bit of grilled tilapia mixed in to make it seem more like an actual entree.

These are the evenings when I feel kind of sorry for Dan.
So, there you go: soup and salad. Get used to it. Those are the easiest ways to use up vegetables, and I love soup, so that's basically going to be the theme for a while.

Along with all this healthy eating, Anna has decided that HER theme for 2011 is: more glamour.

Of course, glamour takes many forms.


  1. That soup looks really good! Did you use leg quarters as called for in the recipe or something else?

    p.s. I also love Anna's new glamorous looks! She's a fashion risk taker!

  2. No, I used breast meat because that's what I had and I'm lazy. But I did still brown it in the peanut oil and it was really good--I think with legs/thighs the flavor would probably be even deeper. I also used Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. I think I'll definitely make it again!