Maybe I should just buy a juicer and save some effort

I neglected to mention Anna's latest fashion move, so we'll lead off with it today.

I'd say she's definitely getting edgier. Maybe all the food she ends up wearing is on purpose, like a Gaga thing.
I feel like I should be holding up the current day's newspaper in all of these soup pictures so that you'll believe they're actually separate meals.

Chipotle Rutabaga soup.

Pasta with Greens and Tomato Sauce.

Seaweed and Tofu soup with Roasted Cabbage in Black Bean Sauce
Anyway, it took many bowls of liquidy plant dinners, but I successfully used up the first CSA box. All I have in the refrigerator right now are a few stalks of celery and some parsley. No beet left behind! Now it's time to start planning in advance of tomorrow's new box. I decided to enlist some help this time.

She's gravitating toward cheeses and breads, so all is going according to plan.

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  1. Wow - you did it! One box down. Good luck with the next one.