There is also a lovely restaurant that we can never go back to

Did we all properly enfatten ourselves on Tuesday? I personally put forward a pretty superlative effort, so if you slacked a little, don't worry, I probably have you covered. Finished up the muffaletta supplies (read: fatty fat fat meat and cheese) and most of the remaining Zapp's.

Also made some ice cream with a nice, holiday-appropriate purple tinge to it. Tastes like chocolate and orange...whatever could be causing that magnificent hue?

That's right. Devil root.

Of course, any time there is Gras, there must be a period of de-Grasing, also known as "Everything We Eat is Brown and Green Now."

Broiled flounder with chard and black eyed peas. No recipe, just cook-and-pile.

Millet mash with carrot and ginger and baked tofu with nutty miso sauce, courtesy of Mark Bittman.

I guess technically this penitence should last until Easter, but I wouldn't hold my breath. I've been bookmarking some decidedly non-abstemious recipes. 

Anna and I have decided that since she's quickly approaching the 20-month mark it's probably time to ratchet up a few stereotypical toddler behaviors. First up: cartoonishly messy handprints everywhere.

Did you guys ever play Rampage? Just asking.

Next: highly theatrical tantrums for incomprehensible reasons. I'm not talking about the fact that she has recently decided that both her high chair and whatever clothes I have picked out for her are implements of certain demise. That typical resistance aside, in one day alone we had truly vicious screaming regarding the following situations:

Dan going to the bathroom for two minutes.

The delivery woman leaving the doorway after dropping off a package.

Me closing the refrigerator door. I'm only including a picture of that one because I was kind of impressed that it lasted for twenty minutes and wriggled its way under the table and across the room.

This is a high caliber tantrum.
Anyway, if our electricity bill is $5,000 next month it will be because I have relented and decided to leave the refrigerator open perpetually. This is a thing that could possibly happen.


  1. Since you clearly don't read any books I will enlighten you on the refrigerator thing:

    Just buy ANOTHER refrigerator and stock it with stuff you don't care as much about and leave the door open on THAT one. Duh. Works every time. Just like a toy remote control or toy cell phone. WINNING.

  2. I promise I did not call this down on you when you were similarly acting out. But the universe has a way...