I've finally learned that she'll wear herself out after 12 hours or so

I find that the best way to liven up a fairly boring Cooking Light recipe for udon noodles with veggies and peanut sauce is with a fancy pair of chopsticks.

Seriously, they make those noodles and snow peas COME TO LIFE.
Dan's review of Cozy Collards with Tempeh: "The tempeh reminds me of sausage. And how I'd rather be eating sausage." Fair enough.
Please imagine that I have Photoshop and have inserted the chopsticks into this picture.
As loyal readers will recall, once in a while I throw Dan a nice manly steak to help wash the vegetables down. I don't, however, reduce the normal amount of greenery in order to accommodate it. It's basically a giant forest with one small cow in it somewhere.

Finding meat in this house is like looking for Waldo.
Finally, some photographic evidence that spending the entire day wailing at your mother and throwing yourself against various walls and pieces of furniture will really take it out of you:

This was the only diaper change of the day that went smoothly.

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  1. Why is it that Cooking Light recipes always need to be jazzed up a bit? They are really good, but I always end up adding more of something. :)
    p.s. I wish I knew why some *cough* delightful children make diaper changing such an exhausting experience...surely it can't be that horrible - right? I tend to compare it to wrestling a crocodile.