I barely made a chicken salad, I think Christmas crafts are out this year

I had a little burst of ambition the other day and decided it was time to actually put a meal together all by myself while dealing with both girls. I went with Chicken Salad with Tahini-Yogurt Dressing, and it was good! So that was a success.

Ignore where the recipe says "active time 30 minutes," though. I found it to be about four hours.
We've recently had a run of camera-avoidance in these parts.

She's employing some impressive tactics. Camoflage:

Sur La Table's packaging is strangely giggly.

And bribery:

Sorry honey, it's going to take more than the $8 in my wallet.

Anyway, I will persist at least until Ivy starts making more interesting faces.

Several of the people I follow have posted Christmas plans/Advent activities, and I was starting to get inspired to the point of almost considering maybe buying an Advent calendar and stealing some of their ideas for it, and then my friend Lauren posted a picture of the Advent calendar she made and I gave up on ever accomplishing anything, because, seriously:

I'm just going to print out a picture of this and tape things to the back of it.