We're also making her live on candy canes and gumdrops

I haven't cooked anything since Friday because my fridge and freezer STOPPED FUNCTIONING ENTIRELY and I couldn't summon the energy to get all frontier-style with it. So, no food pictures because we have mostly been eating things like cheese sandwiches, not that there's anything wrong with that.

I considered writing more extensively about the refrigerator situation when it first happened, but I didn't feel like boring the internet with tales of appliance woe when I'm supposed to be boring it with pictures of my kid. I also remembered that when our washing machine freaked out, I covered that in excruciating detail until it decided to magically heal itself just to make me look like an idiot. Having tried both methods, you'd better believe that I'm going the feeling-stupid-but-having-a-working-household route from now on.

So that's something for you to look forward to.

Anna managed to sneak back into the house by disguising herself as one of Santa's (angry) little elves.

Of course, in order to keep up the ruse, she's having to sleep with the wrapping paper.

I really admire her commitment.
As long as she was back and acting relatively human (or elvish, close enough for me) I decided we could manage a birthday party at the children's museum on Saturday. Generally our trips there are far more amusing for me than her, but this time she became completely obsessed with watching the little train go by every few minutes, so we sat in one place for over an hour. She was so into it!

Sometimes Anna expresses "joy" as "deep concern." It's probably just an unsettling feeling for her.