Sometimes things are sad before they are funny

I realize it's been so long since my brief stint as an old-timey laundress that you have probably been operating on the assumption that our washing machine has long since been repaired. Well, I thank you for your above-average interest in the state of my appliances, keeping them in your thoughts and such, but it pains me to tell you that the almost month-long saga drags on yet. Let's take a look at the timeline:

Friday, August 13th: The washing machine decides that it will not be cleaning this large load of diapers today, thank you very much.

Monday, August 16th: I have an adventure with the bathtub and the now long-dirty diapers. This situation is still sort of funny.

Monday, August 16th-Friday, August 27th: Home Depot refers us to the warranty company. The warranty company has no record of our purchase. Dan calls with our receipt number. No dice. Dan physically takes the receipt to Home Depot. "Oh yeah, I totally sold you this thing," agrees the dude. The warranty company re-enters our information. It's still not ready. No, not ready yet. Sorry, the information isn't coming up. Okay, we'll send someone out on Friday.

Friday, August 27th: HOLY COW, A REPAIRMAN. It runs a full cycle for him. Of course it does. But he thinks something is jammed. It's a two man job. They'll have to come back Tuesday, September 7th with more people. "The 7th?" I double check, thinking there's no way it will be another week and a half. "Tuesday, September 7th."

Tuesday, August 31st: We get four packages from UPS full of washing machine parts. One of the boxes is a three foot cube. This seems bad.

Friday, September 3rd: We get a call confirming our appointment for Saturday, September 4th. We're going to be out of town on Saturday, September 4th, and also our appointment was supposed to be for the 7th. We reschedule for the 10th.

Friday, September 10th: Our appointment is from 8:00 to 12:00. At 1:15 the repairman shows up. One repairman. "Um, this is a two man job. We'll have to reschedule and come back with two." Before he leaves he expresses some surprise at the parts the other guy ordered. "Hardly ever have to do that with LGs," he says. The situation has come back around to funny to me.

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