I think she was attempting literal baby-whispering

Hosted a playdate yesterday afternoon. In case you were curious, my record now stands at Playdates Hosted: 3, Incidents Requiring a Call to 911: 0. Best hostess ever. I also made baba ganouj!

Hummus's vegetable-y-er cousin.
And some peach shortbread bars, but they don't look as pretty as the Smitten Kitchen version.

You are a disappointment to me, picture of shortbread. Be more fruit-looking next time.
Last night's dinner was intended to be leftover enchiladas, but since my supposed-to-be-out-of-town husband stayed in town, possibly for the express purpose of not missing out on the enchiladas, there were no leftovers to have. Fortunately, my dirt-covered child and I were recently at Central Market, so I picked up cherry pecan chicken sausages and made do.

Improvisation, on toast.
This morning we went to story time at the library. I thought maybe if Anna tried the 0-18 month one instead of the 12-24 month, she wouldn't get so riled up by other toddlers and would pay attention to the books. I will say...she seemed to have fun.

Also, the storytelling lady was talking super, super quietly and I wasn't paying attention to her either. Well played, A.

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