The return of Gamblor

Bunko time has again come and gone, and my glorious cycle of 20 bad months to 1 good month begins anew. As you all know, I am now powerless to resist its call. I have a visual for you this time of my typical success at this game. Keep in mind that the idea is to have either a lot of wins or a lot of losses.

Still Life with Bunko Failure.

I figure as long as people keep not-infrequently feeding me pizza, though, my life is probably not terrible.

Thank you for all the free pizza, life.

I did manage about ten minutes of glory by rolling a Bunko (three sixes) and getting to wear the pink boa. (It's a grown-up game, for grown-ups.) It's kind of sad how genuinely satisfied with myself I am in this picture.

Dripping with achievement.

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