Thank heavens I went to the optometrist recently

No food pictures from my end, but here's Anna aaaaalmost mastering her snack cup:

It's not that she doesn't understand how it works, she just believes that chewing through plastic is the easiest solution.

Yesterday I made an off-hand comment about how long it's been since I went to the dentist and this morning I woke up with a ridiculously swollen section of my gums. I'm concerned that it's psychosomatic. Like maybe my brain decided, "Hey, yeah, the dentist, LET'S MAKE THAT HAPPEN." At any rate, now I'm terrified to think about anything else that could use some general maintenance. For example, I just realized that I haven't had a proper overall physical since 9th grade basketball try-outs, so by tomorrow morning my internal organs will probably be liquifying, Ebola-style.

This morning we went to story time at Barnes and Noble, but Anna chose to spend most of the time in self-directed study. (Paleontology.)

That's Greek for "the piling of dinosaurs."

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