Several pages of her baby book are devoted to Tacodeli

Dan finished up the ratatouille on Saturday and I still miss it. I open the refrigerator and look at the empty spot where it used to be and I just sigh.

How to follow up such a thing? Since veggie comfort food seemed like theme worth sticking with, I decided to try some Sweet Potato Pot Pies from 101 Cookbooks. GOOD DECISION, ME.

Ooey gooey smoky flaky.

I was actually pretty skeptical about this combination of ingredients, but it was just the perfect amount of every flavor and it was extremely satisfying. I was super pumped to have leftovers. Those two little pies temporarily filled the gap in my fridge, and in my heart.

I have been doing other cooking too, but mostly for Anna and nothing flashy. I figured since she generally only wants to eat crunchy things, I would make her crunchy things, so I tried out cheddar crackers and graham crackers from the cookbook that spawned the ill-fated omelet. She likes them both! I also like them both. Crunchy things for the win.

They look like this.

Saturday was pretty exciting, as it marked the first time we've ever ordered something specifically for Anna. Her very own egg and cheese breakfast taco!

And bacon, but Dan picked that out and ate it. Except the one piece he left. She ate that. So she's had bacon now. We're good parents.

Saturday night we partied at Kevin and Mary Beth's. Check out the super sweet spread:

I even threw in some caramel corn. With, um, bacon in it.

I swear we didn't let Anna eat any of this one.

There were plenty of things there to make Little Bug happy.

Like I said, party.


Plenty of things to make me happy, too.

Mary Beth claimed that some of the pigs in a blanket had cheese in them, but I'm pretty sure she was just messing with me to see how many I would eat in search of a cheesy one. Joke's on her though, because "as many as I possibly can" was going to be the answer either way.

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