Four! More! Years! (We try to keep our goals reasonable)

Hey, did you know that if you hover over rice and give it a bunch of broth and stir it for like 45 minutes it will turn into risotto, which is great?

True story.
Anyway, if standing at the stove for the better part of an hour doesn't sound too awful, I recommend it. Personally, I'll stand at the stove for the better part of a day if there aren't a bunch of pots to clean at the end of it. My risotto had shallots and sweet potatoes and it was lovely. I've noticed that a lot of recipes that involve mushrooms, and by all means, give that a shot if you're into that sort of thing.

Hey, I've been married for four years today! Good job, me! Keep it up! Hmm, just started a little argument about television while in the middle of that thought. Marriage is hard.

We've been having sort of a shoe....thing around our house lately.

They just appear. In places.
Anna doesn't actually like wearing shoes very much, but she really likes trying to put them on. Or rather, trying to verbally coax them into putting themselves on her feet.

"Hey listen, why don't you go ahead and get on for me?"
"Just a little to your right. Scooch...a tad..."

"Just...right...you're almost there."

"Mom, it's not working. Mom. This shoe is being a jerk."
It doesn't even matter if she's already wearing other shoes.

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