Been too busy eating to tell you about all the eating

Hey, sorry I haven't really posted anything this week, my brother was in town and I've just been busy and --WHOA look over there! A baby with an avocado-covered English muffin on her head!


Since I'm so behind, I'm just going to hit you with a bunch of food pictures, but first I did want to let you know how the washing machine situation was, uh, resolved. On Tuesday two guys (two! hurray!) came out and asked me the same questions I've answered about four times now and then ran a load of towels and it was fine, so the washing machine: not broken. ISN'T THAT GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE? Not broken at all. I'm pretty sure at this point they think that I'm a lonely crazy lady who lures people to her house under false appliance-related pretenses. Also, Anna's toys and stuff are everywhere, but she's always napping when the repair guys are here, so they may think that she is fictional as well. Like if they actually peeped in the crib, they would see this guy:

If you don't know what this is, congratulations--you've managed to not waste 121 hours of your life learning about monkey skull babies.

The good news is, by doing a Google image search for "lost claire monkey skull baby," I managed to come across this.

Worth it.

And now for a food parade!

Palak Daal from 101 Cookbooks.

Sweet potato, chorizo, and poblano fajitas from the Bon Appetit archive.

Something crab cakey from NXNW.

Pulled pork sandwich, NXNW.

Greek lamb burger from the Bon Appetit archive. Nathaniel pretty much made this one, but I sliced all those pretty pretty onions.

Baked eggs with bacon and spinach on English muffins. Nathaniel entirely made this one. I did leave the recipe on the counter for him.

Extremely blurry beef pasties with blue cheese and caramelized onions, BA archive. Extremely blurry cripsy potatoes by Mary Beth. Extremely blurry healthy kale salad thing by Kay.

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  1. For those keeping score at home:

    In a surprise upset of the lamb burger, the fajitas won the week, but the baked eggs were close behind.

    Unless, of course, you're counting the dulce de leche cheesecake bars that were so good that no one was able to take a picture of them.

    Stay tuned for next week when Dad skips town for a few nights!