At least she has a hobby

Last night I was still feeling the after-effects from Sunday's breakfast, so I just threw a bunch of vegetables on top of some baked sweet potatoes. I should note that poor Dan ordered a normal breakfast that involved plant matter yet is still subjected to my regret-cooking.

I hope he's eating a lot of meatballs and candy bars when I'm not around.

Hey, how about those black beans? They look pretty normal and black bean-ish, right? I have to tell you, I got so pumped up seeing this on the can:

That I totally didn't notice this part:

And since you know that I'm basically a food expert, it won't surprise you that my immediate thought was "Beans are already vegan, why would they make a soy version?" Yes. A plus, Science Girl. Anyway, they tasted fine and now I know that soy beans come in black. Learning is all around us, kids.

This morning we went to the playground at Central Market. I was excited to see what Anna would do now that she's walking pretty well and doesn't have to just sit and play in the dirt.

Now I know.

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