Our laborious weekend

Okay, I did this picture thing the hard way because I gave up on my computer ever working properly, so all of the energy that might generally go into commentary has been spent. Basically you are getting pictures from our trip up to Mansfield over Labor Day. You can fill things in. I know you can.

Mostly, a lot of good things happened, such as more awesome pizza.

Took home a major poker game.

I'll count it for you: FOUR smackers.

Okay, well, Dan won the game, but. Community property.

Only because he bets erratically and has ridiculous luck, like hitting a straight flush for crying out loud.


It's an actual outdoor temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit.

If you ever hear my dad say that he's going to "burn some chicken," my advice to you is to cancel whatever plans you have and show up.

Also, my mom seems to have invented an avocado-cheese-ham-butter sandwich.

This was categorized as a "light lunch." Because of the apples.

Some bad things happened, too. Namely, Anna was forced to ponder what having me for a mother really means, in terms of hairstyling.

I wish I were kidding, but it's my genuine best effort.


  1. On the plus side, she's now a Dr. Seuss character.

  2. After that crushing poker defeat, and loss of 1 dollar, I have decided to never play the game again.

  3. She'll survive. Ala had the same hairstyle from ~2 yrs until 5 yrs. Once her hair is a bit fuller, just throw in doubles (pigtail antennae) sometimes to keep things exciting.

  4. I'm sure that's actually a take on a bad-ass warrior princess hairdo I always wanted as a little girl.