Maybe follow it up with a cheesecake

Our major weekend project was putting together new shelves for Anna's room. I was going to let her do it herself, but the box was pretty clear about "Adult Assembly."

Next time, kid.

In the end, Dan and I managed without her help, but just barely. I like how at 14 months old, we finally decided to give Anna a real bedroom instead of a kinda provisional "you can sleep in here until you find your own place" setup.

I guess she wore us down.

Sunday morning we decided to try out Cafe Java for a little change of pace. (If any Tacodeli employees are reading this, DON'T BE CONCERNED ABOUT OUR ABSENCE. We are fine. See you next week.) I didn't take a picture of my breakfast because I was sort of embarrassed of it, but it consisted of a bagel, egg, breakfast sausage, American cheese, and hash browns. With ketchup. It was straight Waffle House style and I loved it. Sometimes the Mansfield, Texan in me will not be denied.

The good thing about starting the day with a meal like that is that I then went to the grocery store feeling repentant and came home with four bags of fruits and vegetables. I've always interpreted the "don't shop hungry" maxim to mean "don't shop unless you've recently made a huge grease-mess of yourself." I'm no nutritionist, I'm just telling you what works for me.

Many of those vegetables found their way into Creamy Avocado & White Bean Wraps later that night. It's from the Eating Well website, which is why it consists of many healthy things and also has a nice nutritional breakdown at the end of the recipe. Oh, and this useful little tip: "Serve with tortilla chips, salsa and Tecate beer." Listen Eating Well, I really don't need your help undermining healthy meals with unhealthy add-ons, okay?

Don't tell me how to do my job.

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