She has also taken some pictures of the couch

Listen everyone, it's truly summer now, time to get this party started for real. Here's some good news--my softball team made it to the playoffs! And last night a guy on the other team made an unreal knee-sliding catch without spilling his beer! If that's not SUMMER FUN, I don't know what. The bad news is, I think Jillian Michaels broke my ankles. Because they have ceased to function correctly. But ankles are really more of a cold-weather necessity anyway, right? Summer is for lounging, not for supporting your own body weight! I'll just be here on the couch in case someone wants to carry me to the pool.

BA#20: Quinoa tabbouleh. This is exactly the kind of thing I would be all over on Pinterest. Seriously, my Healthy Recipes board is basically a festival of quinoa (with special guest appearances by kale and salmon). So this was a perfectly acceptable variation of quinoa-and-veggies and I did not mind having leftovers for lunch the next day.

Not minding leftovers is higher praise than it sounds like.
BA#21: Shrimp in adobo tacos YES I had to make shrimp AGAIN. I did not hate them. I mean, you could cover almost anything in adobo sauce, wrap it in a tortilla, and come out okay. It does take quite a while to chop up two pounds of shrimp, especially when you're a little squicked out by the process and can't even zone out because you are forced to answer the question "Mama, what are you doing?" over five thousand times.

Despite the fact that raw shrimp are not really not my bag, I did celebrate the Summer Solstice by eating about eight pounds of raw fish.

And three pounds of chocolate bread pudding.

And what's not to celebrate? It rained! On the first day of summer! It did not rain last summer. It did not rain last year. At all. It was alllllllll Blind Melon up in this joint. Anna wasn't exactly sure how to handle it.

But it did seem worth documenting.

I think she thought it was going to bite her.
She's actually documenting all of the main summer activities.

Okay, this is all we've got so far.
You know who's taking her EMBRACING duties seriously, though?

"Come here to me summer!"

"Where are you gooooooooing?"